What we do

We will design and build a custom log cabin for you, turning your dream of extra space into reality. You will gain the opportunity to create the place you need, suitable for every season of the year. This will allow you to fully enjoy for example garden gym, garden office, playroom, men’s cave, or a peaceful yoga place. Also, it will work perfectly well as an additional room that can be used as a guest bedroom. It is only up to you. You tell us what you need, and we will present you with our idea and action plan. Trust our experience and give yourself to the specialists.


The high quality materials, combined with our years of experience, allow us to assure you of a 15-year warranty. Thanks to the roof made of rubber waterproof and insulation on all sides, the garden house can be used in any way you want all year round.


We design and build unique cabins up to 30 square meters. Everything from beginning to end is carried out by our team. We do not involve any subcontractors. Prices start at £1050 per square meter. This price includes:

Most of the costs are already included in the price per square meter, but some are dependent on many factors and must be tailored to the specific project, for example:

Available upgrades​

Have you thought about how else you can raise the standard of your garden house and make it really special? If you plan to use the cabin as a guest bedroom, the bathroom will be a great convenience for your guests and will give them a sense of comfort. Check out the additional facilities we offer and match something to your needs.

The greatest advantages of our cabins:

Custom design

The final result will be a reflection of your dreams. A wooden, natural-looking cabin will easily perfectly fit into your space.


There can be many ideas on how to use a garden house. From our experience, most often the additional space is used as an extra room, office or gym. How will it be in your case?

Robust construction

A construction built on a concrete foundation, with a long-term warranty provided by our company, will give you a feeling of calm and safety.